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Larry Brock - Community Champion, former AUG Leader, and Solutions Partner Technical Architect

“One of the most effective ways for me was to work with others looking to certify as a team. Having study partners who can identify your weak areas and show you how those particular features work was a huge help.  Our study groups also collaborated on 'study guides' that we then were able to share with others in our community. Yay teams!”

Community Champion & Technical Architect

Certification Process

1. Prepare

ACP exams are intended to be challenging – increase your chances of success with careful preparation.

2. Get Certified

Congratulations on successfully passing your ACP exam! Enjoy the benefits of your expertise and certification.

Keep it going

3. Maintain with Badges

Your ACP Certification is valid for 18 months. To keep your ACP Certification active, simply earn a related Badge before the suspension date. 

Certification and Badges

Start by earning an Atlassian Certification. Once you're certified, you're eligible to earn Badges to validate your expanding skills footprint.  Your related Certification(s) will be extended by 18 months from the date you earn your Badge.


Pass a challenging proctored exam in a Kryterion testing center to become an Atlassian Certified Professional.

Atlassian Certified Badges

Earn an Atlassian Certified Badge by passing an online proctored exam, which you can take from your home or office.

Atlassian Skills badges

Add Atlassian Skills Badges by taking approved courses or webinars and passing an online assessment to validate your learning.

Project administrators, super users, Jira administrators

Scrum masters, board admins, project leads

Jira administrators

Jira Service Desk administrators

Confluence administrators

System administrators



Check out our policies, and find out how to avoid extra fees when scheduling exams.


Atlassian Solution Partners can get more information about Certification on the Partner Portal.

Showcase your expertise

Share your Atlassian credentials to LinkedIn and other online locations.

Justification Letter

Need support from your management to get certified? Here's a template you can use to get the conversation started!

News and Updates

New Project Administration Certification

Get on board and gain recognition for your Jira skills! Get Atlassian Certified in 60 days or less.

The Top Secrets to Success for Project Administration in Jira Server

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about the course, as we review the topics that come up most frequently in Jira project administration.

Atlassian Certification Community

Find answers, support, and inspiration from other Atlassian users.

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