Keep the facts straight

Your legal team needs serious tools to help them create and share documents, manage risk, communicate effectively, and react quickly.

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Manage approvals

JIRA Core helps legal teams manage documentation including NDAs, copyright policies, and terms of use to ensure that the right people review, edit, and approve before signing.

Keep track of approvals with JIRA Core

Centralize content

Easily create and centralize information like commonly used legal forms, decision registers, and meeting notes. Manage permissions so only the right people have access to relevant information and leverage simple version control to stay informed of changes to documents.

Keep information close with Confluence

«В Confluence очень легко поддерживать постоянную базу знаний — в электронной почте этого не сделать. Для тех, кто работает в распределенной среде, такая возможность на вес золота!» Джейми Тингельстад, технический директор

Stop reply-all madness

HipChat is team chat that's built for business. Public and private rooms plus 1:1 chat means your team of legal professionals can get out of email and communicate quickly with the right level of transparency.

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Atlassian Marketplace

Интегрируйте, автоматизируйте, персонализируйте

The Atlassian Marketplace has hundreds of integrations, plug-ins, and add-ons that help your legal team

organize, track, and manage the things that matter. Integrate with industry leading technologies for a seamless

project management experience. Automate notifications of legal or document statuses. Customize permissions

and document workflows to track and monitor the important deals. And so much more.