Stride is the complete team communication solution


It's time we rethink team communication.

Stride is redefining the way teams move work forward, together.

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Stride group chat and video chat for teams

Stride has everything you need, all in one place

Stride group chat and direct messaging

Group chat & direct messaging

Stride meetings: video chat, video calling, screen sharing

Voice & video conferencing

Stride team collaboration tools

Built-in collaboration tools


Finally, a messaging tool that delivers results

Make talking about doing. Turn your next great conversation into action by creating and assigning tasks in your Stride rooms.

Stride Actions

Having a fruitful discussion? Save an outcome by marking a chat as a decision, and reference them later anytime.

Stride Decisions
Stride Actions and Decisions

Face to face is just a click away

Stride Meetings: video chat, voice calling, screen sharing

Feeling stuck in chat? Instantly move any conversation to a video conference.

Stride Meetings: video chat, voice calling, screen sharing
Stride Meetings screen sharing

Turn a discussion into a presentation with screen sharing from any video meeting.

Best of all, Stride Meetings go with you anywhere, from desktop to mobile.

Stop talking. Start doing.

Deep work is only a click away. Mute all notifications and distractions by going into Focus Mode.

Stride focus mode

Decide how and when you're alerted of new activity in Stride. Customize notifications by room and device.

Stride room notifications
Stride focus mode

Show teammates what you're up to with status messages and simple ways to show your availability.

Stride status messages

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