Automate and supercharge incident communication with Statuspage integrations

Integrate your service desk, monitoring, alerting, and ChatOps tools for a comprehensive incident management solution.

Reduce tickets with Jira Service Desk + Statuspage

Say goodbye to duplicate support tickets

The Jira Service Desk integration let's you display real-time status information at the top of your service desk portal. Affected users will know you are already on top of resolving the issue before filing a ticket.

More transparency, happier customers

Customers appreciate open communication around incidents, downtime, and scheduled maintenance. And your team will crush SLAs without repetitive incident tickets clogging the queue.

Connect ChatOps tools to stay in sync

Keep your whole company on the same page

Pipe status updates into Slack to keep engineering, IT, and Ops teams on the same page as they work to resolve the incident at hand.

Showcase your uptime

Hook into your existing monitoring tools

Integrate Statuspage with the monitoring tools you already use like Pingdom, DataDog, Librato, or New Relic to display uptime metrics on your page. You can also create custom metrics through the API.

Укрепляйте доверие клиентов

Seeing is believing. Show your current and prospective users that you run a service with historically reliable uptime.

Automate your incident communication

Integrate Statuspage with the monitoring, alerting, and social media tools of your choice to save time when it counts the most.

Monitoring tool integrations

Automate via email

Statuspage can be integrated with most major monitoring tools like Pingdom and New Relic to automatically update the second downtime is detected emails.

Automate via API

Use our RESTful API to update components and incidents based off your own monitoring triggers


Alerting tool integrations

Automate via PagerDuty

Use data from the PagerDuty webhook to automatically create and update incidents on your page.

Update Your Page Without Leaving VictorOps

When things are on fire, it's important to update your status page as quickly as possible. Context switching wastes time.

One-click status updates with xMatters

Quickly create, update, and resolve Statuspage incidents right from an xMatters notification.


Embedded Status

Embed status in-app and within your support portal

Each status page comes with its own API interface, and we even provide pre-made code snippets to embed the status listed on your status page in any of your error pages (or even within your webapp).


Twitter integration

Automatically tweet status updates

Already use Twitter for customer communication? Automate twitter updates directly from Statuspage.


Don't see your tool of choice?

Make your own Statuspage integration with our powerful API.


Best integration practices

Check out these resources to get the most out of your Statuspage integrations:

Enjoy fewer support tickets with Jira Service Desk + Statuspage


Datadog Blog: Monitor third-party service statuses from Statuspage


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VictorOps Blog: Update Statuspage without ever leaving VictorOps

We switched to Statuspage to give customers a consistent, off-network location to stay informed as we expand our network. They deliver on two goals: updating customers quickly and reducing load on operations, infrastructure, and support teams. — JOHN ROBERTS

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