Приложения Marketplace

The Atlassian Marketplace is where you can discover and try apps to extend your Atlassian products.

Use the FAQ below to find answers to common questions. If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to contact us.

Общие вопросы о Marketplace

1. Что такое Atlassian Marketplace?

The Atlassian Marketplace is a platform for Atlassian customers to discover, try, and buy apps for Atlassian products. You can use apps to customize and extend your Atlassian product. The Marketplace offers apps developed by both Atlassian and third-party developers.

2. What's an app?

Apps are small pieces of code that you (or your administrator) can install into your Atlassian product to enhance or change its functionality. Apps can also be remotely contained web applications that integrate into Atlassian Cloud instances. You can enable, disable, install, and uninstall apps anytime from the administration pages of your Atlassian product.

Apps change the way your Atlassian application behaves. Even though apps are designed to enhance your product, there can be unintended effects. When you use or install apps, you do so at your own risk. Third-party apps aren't supported by Atlassian.

The Marketplace sells apps written by both Atlassian and third-party developers. You can even write one yourself.

3. Which apps are available for Atlassian Cloud?

A full list of apps that are available for your Cloud products is available here. New apps for Cloud product are added constantly, so it's worth checking back.

4. How are apps reviewed?

Atlassian checks entries in the Atlassian Marketplace to ensure that app information is as complete as possible. However, we don't actively monitor or guarantee any code posted in this space. If you find dangerous or malicious code posted here, contact us immediately so we can take action.

5. How do I get an account to try or buy an app?

Войдите в Atlassian Marketplace с помощью аккаунта Atlassian. Если у вас нет аккаунта Atlassian, его можно создать, после чего войти в Marketplace.

6. Can I trust third-party apps?

The Marketplace gives you visibility to see if an app is reliable. We provide resources like the following so you can make informed decisions about the apps you use.

From the app details page:

  • Look for the Top Vendor icon, which indicates that the app vendor meets Atlassian benchmarks for app traction, timely support, and vendor reliability.
  • На Marketplace можно читать отзывы и просматривать оценки.
  • Узнав количество активных установленных экземпляров продукта, вы сможете получить представление о его популярности.
  • На вкладке Support (Поддержка) можно узнать, доступна ли общедоступная система отслеживания ошибок или ресурсы поддержки.
  • На вкладке Versions (Версии) можно узнать о совместимости версий.
  • На вкладке Overview (Обзор) можно просмотреть снимки экрана и видео.
  • See if the developer provides a License Agreement.

You can also ask a question in the Atlassian Community.

7. What is the Top Vendor program?

The Top Vendor program is designed to help you try and buy apps with confidence. Top Vendors display the Top Vendor icon, which means the vendor has met Atlassian benchmarks for app traction, timely support, and vendor reliability. Atlassian measures these benchmarks for paid-via-Atlassian apps only. Here's what you can expect when you buy an app from a Top Vendor:

  • App traction: We measure how many active customer instances have vendor apps installed. Apps must be installed in a minimum number of active products for a vendor to be eligible for Top Vendor status.
  • Timely support: Top Vendors adhere to service level agreements (SLAs) and provide support websites. Support is offered at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • Надежность продавца: Atlassian регулярно проверяет продавцов, чтобы гарантировать высочайшее качество обслуживания клиентов.

For more details on the Top Vendor program, see the vendor facing requirements for Top Vendors.

If you purchase a paid-via-Atlassian app from a Top Vendor and aren't satisfied with your experience, raise an issue with our Marketplace team.

Check out apps from Top Vendors.

8. What's the Cloud Security Program?

The Cloud Security Program is a collaboration between Atlassian and app vendors to increase security awareness and improve security practices. A vendor may apply to the program via an annual self-assessment that addresses the following: 

  • Безопасность данных
  • Sensitive data handling
  • Backups and disaster recovery

The self-assessment answers are reviewed by Atlassian staff. The self-assessment encourages vendors to consider security carefully and allows Atlassian to make suggestions towards better security. It works on an honor system. We advise that you take any additional necessary steps to ensure the vendor and app meets your company'€™s security requirements. See details about the Cloud Security Program.

9. Are apps supported?

It depends on the app. Atlassian Marketplace Vendors are able to decide if they would like to provide support and maintenance for every app listing. We make this information available on every listing in the Atlassian Marketplace.

If the Atlassian Marketplace Vendor has decided to provide customer support and maintenance for the app, the listing will show that the app is "Supported". Should you need support for the app, you should contact the app vendor via the "Get Support" button on the support tab of the app listing details page. If the Atlassian Marketplace Vendor is Atlassian, this "Get Support" button will take you to Atlassian’s support ticketing system (support.atlassian.com). All other requests go to a support resource provided by the Atlassian Marketplace Vendor. We’ve found this to be the fastest way to get your issues resolved.

Часы работы продавцов Atlassian Marketplace и предлагаемые ими соглашения о сервисном обслуживании отличаются от часов работы и соглашений службы поддержки Atlassian, независимо от того, каким видом поддержки Atlassian вы пользуетесь. Если вы хотите отправить в Atlassian отзыв о качестве поддержки, предоставленной продавцом Marketplace, перейдите на сайт marketplace.atlassian.com и выберите Feedback (Отзывы) из раскрывающегося списка Help (Справка) в заголовке.

If the Atlassian Marketplace Vendor has decided not to provide customer support and/or maintenance, the app listing will show "Unsupported". Should you need support for an unsupported app, you should raise a request with the online community (community.atlassian.com). Please note that there are no guarantees for issue resolution with unsupported apps from the Atlassian Marketplace Vendor or Atlassian.

10. Can apps make my product slower?

Sometimes, yes. It's possible for an app to cause performance problems. For this reason, we recommend learning all you can about an app.

You can evaluate an app in a staging environment before deploying it in production. You can also use the customer reviews to learn what other users have to say. Visit the website of the app vendor and review any support materials they have.

If you suspect an app is causing a problem in your Atlassian product, try disabling the app to see if the problem goes away.

11. Why would I disable an app? How do I disable one?

When you install an app, it has full access to your product and its data. Sometimes apps can have unintended side-effects. They might slow things down, or you might discover a problem. If so, it's easy to disable or uninstall an app.

For information on managing apps, see our Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) documentation.

12. What's app archiving?

To focus on current, relevant apps, the Atlassian Marketplace regularly archives apps that are out-of-date or, for any other reason, no longer relevant on the Marketplace.

Archiving prevents the apps from appearing in search results or in app browsing lists. The Marketplace archives apps automatically if the time since the end-of-life of the latest version of the Atlassian product it supports is greater than one year.

If you already have a license for an archived app, you can still download the app from its Marketplace listing and use it. However, new licenses for the app are not available. Contact the vendor to inquire about an updated version of the app.

13. Which countries can purchase apps from the Marketplace?

Atlassian Marketplace помогает продавцам взимать необходимые налоги на добавленную стоимость и налоги с продаж. Мы продаем продукты клиентам изо всех точек мира за исключением:

  • стран, на которые было наложено торговое эмбарго в соответствии с ограничениями по экспорту США.


14. Which countries have payment type restrictions when purchasing apps from the Marketplace?

At this time there are restrictions for customers located in India, as Marketplace apps can only be purchased by credit card.

If payment by credit card is not an option, we have a list of Atlassian Solution Partners in the approved region that you can contact directly to assist in providing alternative payment options.

Лицензирование и цены

1. Which license do I choose when purchasing an app?

Purchase the license tier that matches the number of users you have licensed for your host product. For example, if you have a 25-user Confluence license, purchase the Confluence app at the 25-user tier. The app will only function if its license matches or exceeds the tier of the host product – even if only some of your licensed users need to use the app.

For Jira, you must purchase the app license that matches the highest Jira application tier. For example, if you have a 500-User Jira Software license, and a 20-Agent Jira Service Desk license, your Jira apps must be at the 500-User level. 

If you own a legacy Jira Unlimited (100+ users) or Confluence Unlimited (2000+ users) license purchased in 2012 or earlier, legacy app pricing is no longer available. You have two options for app purchasing:

Подробнее об устаревших уровнях цен

2. У вас есть цены на Data Center?

Jira Software and Confluence Data Center are licensed starting at 500 users. To match your Data Center product license, purchase app licenses to match or exceed the number of users you have for the Data Center approved app or Server app (when a Data Center approved app is not available) you intend to use alongside your Data Center host product. You don't need to purchase a license for each node of your product, just the total number of users. This doesn't impact app functionality or compatibility; the number of users just need to match your Data Center license. 

In the case you must leverage a Server app, a 10,000+ user Server app license will serve any number of Data Center host product 1,000-user licenses. You can purchase licenses per 2,000, 10,000, and 10,000+ users to fit your Data Center host product license.

For example, if you have a Jira Software Data Center license for 2,000 users, purchase one 2,000 user license for the Server app you wish to use. If you have 3,000 users for your Data Center instance, the next available Server app tier is 10,000 users.

3. Do I need an app license for each instance of my Atlassian products?

Yep. Apps are licensed for single instances. This means if you have separately licensed instances, each instance requires its own app licenses as well. 

If you have a Data Center product running on multiple servers, we count this as one instance.

If you have separate developer instances, you can use developer licenses for your apps for development and testing. See how to get a developer license here.

4. Where do I get license keys for my new app?

Вы получите лицензионные ключи и соответствующий исходный код после получения и обработки вашего платежа. Мы отправим на ваш адрес электронной почты инструкции, следуя которым вы получите доступ к лицензионному ключу.

You can also log into My Atlassian to retrieve your license keys. Just like your product purchases, apps you purchase in the Marketplace are reflected in your My Atlassian account.

5. Имею ли я право на приобретение продуктов по ценам для образовательных учреждений?

Academic pricing is available to qualified academic institutions for paid-via-Atlassian apps. Academic licenses are not eligible for the volume renewal discount.

Следующие организации имеют право на получение лицензии Atlassian Academic.

  • Учебные заведения: государственные и частные школы системы K-12, профессионально-технические учебные заведения, заочные учебные заведения, колледжи с двухгодичным неполным курсом, колледжи, университеты, научные школы или профессиональные училища, аккредитованные государственным аккредитующим органом.
  • Административные управления и комитеты по вопросам образования: административные отделы уровня провинции, округа, региона, штата и государственного уровня и ведомства учебных заведений, указанные выше.
  • Общественные библиотеки
  • Программы поддержки семейного/домашнего обучения
  • Научно-исследовательские институты, входящие в состав аккредитованного университета.
  • Клиники при высшем учебном заведении, входящие в состав аккредитованного университета.
  • Учебно-подготовительные организации, аккредитованные утвержденным законом государственным квалификационным органом.

Proof of accreditation or affiliation may be required when ordering an Atlassian Academic License for your app. Academic pricing is always half the cost of commercial pricing. In the same manner, academic renewal pricing is always half of commercial renewal pricing.

6. Как рассчитывается стоимость повышения уровня лицензии?

You can upgrade licenses at any time from a lower tier to a higher tier. Upgrades for Server apps include 12 months of maintenance commencing from the date payment is processed. This will override any existing maintenance period.

The price to upgrade from a lower to higher license tier for Server apps is calculated based on Atlassian's formula, as seen here for Jira Software. We automatically calculate the appropriate price based on the license upgrade formula when you add the license upgrade to your shopping cart.

При переходе с версии Server на версию, одобренную для Data Center, и наоборот клиентам придется заплатить полную стоимость новой лицензии без скидок. С момента покупки начнется новый срок действия годовой лицензии, если приобретается приложение, одобренное для Data Center, и новый срок действия технического обслуживания длительностью 12 месяцев, если приобретается лицензия приложения для Server.

7. How do I get an Atlassian Community license for an app?

Atlassian supports organizations that seek to do good in the world. If yours is a charitable organization, you can apply for a no-cost community license for Server apps. Cloud apps are not part of the program. Once your organization has a community license for an Atlassian Server product, you can request additional licenses from Atlassian sales representatives, including community licenses for Server apps you obtain through the Marketplace.

Request an Atlassian Community license here for Server apps

If you have an existing community license for an Atlassian product, you can contact us to request additional Atlassian Community licenses for other products and server apps.

8. Что такое лицензии Atlassian Open Source и Atlassian Classroom?

Atlassian offers a number of free licenses for individuals and organizations involved in open source or classroom efforts. Once your organization has an open source or community license for an Atlassian product, you can request additional licenses from Atlassian, including community licenses for Server apps you obtain through the Marketplace. Cloud apps are not part of the program.

Once your organization is approved for either of the above license types, you can request additional licenses for Server paid-via-Atlassian apps.

9. Are Starter licenses available for apps?

All apps have licenses at the entry-level pricing tier. However, the Starter License program only includes Atlassian apps, not third-party apps.