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Корпоративные клиенты

Банк с 200‑летней историей по-прежнему внедряет инновационные подходы к работе и новые способы мышления для 50 тысяч своих сотрудников.

The Telegraph удалось расширить аудиторию до 25 млн читателей в месяц благодаря эффективной поддержке клиентов и ускоренному решению проблем.

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Streamlining their DevOps processes helped deliver better service (and pizza) faster.

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How to create a high-performing hub for teamwork, transparency, and communication

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Audi’s 6,000-person Research & Development team collaborates seamlessly with suppliers from around the world.

Small and midsize companies

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To stay connected to their network of volunteers, staff members, doctors, and researchers, they needed a better way to track projects and collaborate on a cure for cancer.

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When Blend tripled their workforce in two years, they turned to Confluence to make collaboration and information sharing easier. 

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Команда доставки в компании Carfax всего за четыре года увеличилась в два раза, и управление проектом оказалось в критической ситуации. Вот как решалась эта проблема.

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Tech teams look to Atlassian to stay agile and innovative.


Финансовые услуги

In an industry with strict regulations, Atlassian provides tools that drive innovation while maintaining privacy and security. 



Atlassian is used to modernize processes, scale agile development, and facilitate collaboration.


Естественные науки

With a focus on transparency and accountability, Atlassian helps bring solutions to market safer and faster.

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Atlassian partners with hundreds of non-profits, providing tools at no charge, so they can focus on building a better world.

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