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Our gold stars

We’re thrilled to be recognized by the Great Place to Work Institute

A Best Place to Work

Australia | 2012-2017

A Best Medium Workplace

USA | 2012-2017

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A Best Large Workplace

Asia | 2014-2017

A Best Large Workplace

Netherlands | 2016

Global perks

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Foundation leave

We love to pay it forward, so you get five paid days a year to volunteer at your favorite charity. Be the change in your community.

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Fully stocked kitchens

Let them eat cake! Or smoothies. Or fresh organic fruit. Whatever you crave, at whatever time of day, it's there for you.

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We're all eligible for equity awards, and we have big plans. That means when we play together, we win together.

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We're growing really fast. Which means lots of opportunity for you to take on a new role. Or take a class. We'll spring for your tuition.

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Office perks

Standing desks? Check. Unique work spaces? Check. Aeron chairs? Check. What more do you want, yoga classes?...Done.

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Work/life balance

Here at Atlassian, life is good. We have flexible hours, loads of time off, awesome events, and a generous relocation program.

Atlassians at work

Our values

Learn about the values that guide our business, our product development, and our brand. As our company continues to evolve and grow, these five values remain constant.

ShipIt day winners with trophy

Никаких правил, просто выпускайте ПО

Реализация самых безумных идей, борьба с нашими злейшими врагами — багами, разработка проектов по оптимизации рабочего пространства — ежеквартально мы тратим 24 часа на инновации в тех областях, которые нас действительно вдохновляют! Это как 20% времени на стероидах.

Atlassian volunteer in Cambodia

Giving back

Фонд Atlassian оказывает помощь в различных формах – предоставляя своим сотрудникам свободное время на занятие теми делами, которыми они увлечены, предоставляя бесплатные лицензии некоммерческим проектам и делая пожертвования на благотворительность.


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Diversity and inclusion at Atlassian

Genius happens when people from different backgrounds come together to tackle tough challenges.


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